Friday, January 25, 2013

MicroFire 2.1 Update-I ( Both for ADT and Recovery Users )

MicroFire 2.1 Update-I ( Both for ADT and Recovery Users )

New features :

* DSP manager Fix
* Mms invisible contacts fix
* Invisible Desk clcok fix
* New Analog clock Moded
* New Settings Mod
* Junk Box added to Settings ( Simplified Settings )
* Shortcut for tethering
* ICS font for lock screen 
* Removed UpdatemesmartPhone
* ICS styled popup title
* New layout for Messaging
* Transparency for notificationbar 
* Pattern lock fixed ( thanks to hasan4791 )
* ICS styled Desk Clock font
* Notification Icons Fix
* ICS styled DialPad
* ICS Popup
* ICS notification Mod
* Changed PowerOff animation
* New DSPManager

LINK: (Recovery)
STEPS : this update is  ONLY FOR McroFire 2.1 Download zip, in recovery mode wipe cache partition and dvlink cache, then flash the zip ( no need to wipe data ) Reboot..


STEPS: Download zip, erase all except recovery.... select boot.img and system.img from zip....


NOTE : Its only for MicroFire 2.1..... dont flash it on other rom.....
* Camcoder may not work..... for that you need to delete n replace with stock but after that DSP manger wont work... :(
ps : Devs ask me b4 using modded apps........ :P


  1. Is this update same as the one created on 20th August 2012?

  2. yup, but i also made nandroid img for ADT users.... :)

  3. yar kuch bhi to work nhi kr rha android 2.2 chalne ke siba.

    bluetooth not working,
    wifi not working,
    bad setting backgroung image,
    camcoder not working.

    plzzzzzz have to launch a perfect update.

  4. thanks for the tom Exlnt Boss Keeping going on to improve the qlty of the rom

  5. Boss our main problem is battery consumption. u plz workout on battery backup to improve battery performance

  6. Nice rom boss Plz keep on upgrading maily battery backup

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