Saturday, October 27, 2012

MicroFire Tool

Hi guys...
I'm here with my MicroFire Tool.... Tool originally made for Micromax A60 devs... as many dev asked me how to change boot logo frequently.... But now I added some more features..... still it need a lot of improvements... U guys feedback n support needed.... I made it noob friendly, as possible...... 

As i'm the developer of this tool.... all your questions n needs can be asked here.....

comments and suggestions are welcome

Tool has following Features currently-

Boot logo changer- Easy UI to change Boot logo so that any one can change boot logo...
Supported Devices :
- Samsung Galaxy SIII
- Samsung Galaxy SII
- Sony Experia Arc
- LG P350
- Micromax A60
- Karbonn A1
Plz other device users pm me ur device boot.img ( if possible then initlogo.rle )....

Logo.bin files support - New Simple C compiled program by me                        
                                               included in tool, so that all editing will be             
                                               done by tool, what need is that is just a                         
                                               logo.bmp of ur like :P

                                              Supported Devices :
                                              - Motorola Atrix
                                              - Other Motorola devices....
                                              It doesn't work.... o_O let me know....

Jar Tools - By this tool u can easily decompile and compile jar files
                          In one click.... just like tool for apk files....

Apk Tools - By this tool u can easily decompile and compile apk files

Bootanimation changer - Compiled C program by me, by using    
                                                      this tool u can change boot animations,       
                                                      frame speed, repeats, resolutions.. .                          

More features will be added soon... 

Before proceed,

* Only for Windows
* Make sure your path has no spaces
* Your file name has no weird characters

Creadits :

* DooMLord for his Boot image tool, by which i got an idea
* thewarhawk for this guide which helped me to make bin logo program
* Thanks to ImageMagick developers for the their tool 
* JesusFreke for smali tool
* Brut.alll for apktool
* XDA members who helped me by giving their device boot.img 
* Me for Script and Logo bin, bootanimation programs  


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